Take advantage of a full range of products from a single source. We provide goods that meet the international quality and material standards DIN, EN, ASME and ANSI, as well as other norms for bends, flanges and fittings.
Optimize your company’s procurement situation together with us.

GRUPO CUÑADO Central Europe is your central partner for material supply. We ensure optimal logistics at all times, whether for your project, your manufacturing or your production systems. We can either supply you a standard item from our huge product assortment or provide an individual solution.

As a member of the GRUPO CUÑADO, GRUPO CUÑADO Central Europe is particularly flexible and diversified in its business activities, so we are able to serve your requirements within our own globally operating company, as well as with external partners.

This means that you need only one contact person for your requirements, providing for highly transparent communication. Take advantage of our material procurement know-how and profit from an integrated solution to minimize your own time and effort.